The Charade Parade

I’m on down the road from giving anything, whether it’s a shit or two shits, a damn or otherwise, about this day to day “charade parade” we all march through. People are full of those things though: shit, shits and a damn … a big dam holding back all the things they want to say and feel but they can’t because fear has bigger balls than they have closet space. They bow to it. No, we bow to it. Who am I to step out of this scathing assessment of the human flaw that plagues us all? Our inability to smash through the glass to get to what we stare through life’s window longingly in soft desperation at everyday,  is past pathetic … it is death. I smell it eating away at us as we claw our way toward the end of a maze none of us signed up to stumble through anyway.


Fuck this.

Let’s do something else.

Let’s start over. Who says we can’t?

They do right?

Who are they?

They … are us.

We are them.

We are the problem.


So, take yourself out of the equation. Make an individual stand.

Eject from this plane to nowhere and parachute to someplace else. Somewhere new.

Forget everybody else. And if everybody says “forget everybody else” and starts paying the proper amount of attention to themselves and what they should be doing, then things will change fast.

And then, we will become a group again, just in a new place with new attitudes and a new view.

Don’t buy the bunk that taking care of your needs is selfish. That is the biggest fairy tale ever sold to the human race. It is the exact thing holding us back from evolving to the next paradigm.

This plane is crashing. The oxygen masks are hanging from the ceiling.

Do the right thing.

Grab a mask and affix it to your face and breath.

That’s the only instruction they ever had right.

Forever Mate

I wouldn’t know where to begin

With your no end

How bout the middle?

You’re my fiddle

I’m your beau

Don’t you know

I’m going to love you

Down the long haul

Of our lives

You are the dream

I dreamed in innocence

You are the beginning to never-ending

My soul pillow

Sweet lover from heaven in the earth

Thank you for coming back to our bubble

Everything around us recedes into a gray vignette

We’re all that’s left

Staring into love’s endless mirror

Nothing my dear could be clearer

You are the smallest and grandest wonders of life

My lovely and timeless, inestimable wife

Explore The Moment

No one is exempt from what the world calls sins
If you want to be immortal
Break the clock that doesn’t exist
Love is my savior
The ever-present one
It is my god that never needed a hug


If breathing isn’t enough …

Are these fucking poems or diaries?
Word paintings or diatribes
Diabetes sitting fat on your inside
Shoving a twinkie past a grin
Give me your sins
Don’t try to wash that shirt
Don’t hide behind what you think you should say
Say …
Fucking say ittttt!!!

But let your fingers say it
That tendon connected from your tips to your heart
Strum that bastard like Cupid’s stolen harp
You want peace?
Give up a piece
Share your pain
But make it real
Don’t plastic wrap your story
Let it run naked on the beach of fury
Be furious with life
Demand more
Unzip your soul suit
Shake this earth globe
And demand more!
What’s stopping you?
That lazy fucker
Lying exposed on the backs of his minions
We the people
Carrying him far too long
Drop that sack of useless crazy eyed potatoes
Climb out of your limitation
It’s imitation
You are genuine
One hundred percent
Human leather
Wear your weathered jacket
Into the mystery
This is your story
Your story!
Stop recording it
Experience this thing
This undefinable
Illogical thing
Kiss it on the mouth
Inside this hurricane
With your eyes open
Feels good right?

Hell yeah it does

Spiders, People, and Ignorance! Oh My!

Lady, broom in one hand, all purpose cleaner in the other gasps when her eyes fall on the hairy body of an actually quite friendly spider named Brad.




Husband pokes his head into the kitchen to see her rubber glove cloaked index finger pointed like a Bluetick Coonhound’s tail at the unassuming and now startled Brad.


Brad’s “who me?” look falls on deaf eyes as husband’s boot sends Brad to the afterlife via the Doc Martin express.


Two weeks later


Lady, dust mop in one hand, Corona Light in the other is startled when in the corner of her eye she spies the small foreign body of something from the insect kingdom. Her first reaction (to smash) wanes away as her temporal lobe thumbs up the frightened grasshopper Scott, who’s peeking around the trashcan, frozen smack dab in between fight, flight and this ain’t right!


Lady, scoops up Scott with a half-buzzed smile, opens the back door and sets him softly on the petal of a white tulip causing his green wings to pop in the afternoon sun.


From the corner of the porch, spider Janice whispers over to fellow spider Emily, “This is bullshit!” That crazy b**ch had my cousin Brad killed two weeks ago for sneaking around that same damn kitchen!


Lady turns to see the two spiders and shrieks!



Stumblecarry or blueberry?

What can you do in a line?

I could dance … I could sing.

No … in this line.

This written line.




I could tell you to stop being upset about things you can’t change or simply refuse to.


Either eat the pie in front of you or bake another one.


Watching the old man die

Supposed to be answers, and endings
Resolutions, new beginnings
Instead the same old unpainted walls
Daring you to add color
But the paint dried
The day the child inside died
An empty beer can next to your chair
Holds everything you never shared with the world
It’s a sad tale
A quiet exit
From a loud life
That deafened and dumbed you down
Now you’re a lonely clown
At an empty circus

Things love will teach you … like it or not

  • You are going to get your heart kicked out of your chest

  • Kiss sleep goodbye when you are in love’s trenches

  • It’s okay to run. Run fast and run far. (It will still catch you, but at least you will get some exercise)

  • It is indeed a drug. Enjoy, partake … overdose. There are far worse ways to die

Bigger Than Us

You want to know why I left?
Ask the sun why it sets
You want resolution
I swim in evolution
You want to fist fight love
I say take off the gloves
Swing hard and make it count
Love knows no bounds or rounds
It took the rules and burned them down
You want to know why I left?
The answer lies beneath my chest
Swollen tissue, scarred and caved
A sorry soul that loneliness saved
Love isn’t about you baby
It isn’t about me
Open your curtains, take a peek at the trees
It’s deeper than we’ll ever be able to see
I loved you more than love allowed me to
I paid for that
And so did you
You want to know why I left?
Ask the sun why it sets


She complained about the sun thinning. Maybe it was on some sort of cosmic diet. She complained about me, to me. She loved me, but she didn’t love her. Self that is.

She didn’t see what was easy for me to see. The little lies that fell from her mouth, quickly morphing into truth out of respect for the heart they used to sing with on mornings when sleep wouldn’t stick around.

She … She was something. Something to revel at when she used the window for a TV screen. Buses and bikes gliding by quiet trees.

She would blow me kisses but quickly suck them back in, laughing at how quickly my smile fell into a frown.

She loved me.